Memory ARTE fact      

"Our soul lies in the fog of memories. Out of them  our human structure is built "

Series "Memory ARTE fact"

There are remembrances in every human life. Each one of us knows these moments when a special cup, from which a loved one has drunk, becomes an important reminder. Or the many rings, watches, letters, etc., which often get their peculiarity through us humans and our connection among each other.


In the  works created by myself individual objects are embedded in handmade paper, which is designed according to the particular character of the memorabilia. The information, I get in advance about the subject and the connection with the human being makes me go into an artistic process that makes a unique work of art possible. The material paper stands in my work for the transience and the emergence of the new as a metaphor for life. If the works were placed in water, they would seeme to dissolve, but in fact one could re-create the fibers and re-embed the respective memorial piece.

In my first remembrance work in 2013, I embed a bracelet so that the impression arises, it would be complete. In fact I had only a three-part fragment for many years. In this work the visible is connected with the invisible and the imagination of the perfect is created.


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